by Joviac

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released May 11, 2017

Bass by Antti Varjanne
Cover art by Dylan Jones
Everything else by Viljami Wenttola



all rights reserved


Joviac Tampere, Finland

Joviac is a Finnish prog band.

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Track Name: Malmö
Track Name: Battlefield
Verse 1:
So, I can't believe it's come to this, trying to find out who the bad guy is, cause we can't coexist. Lo and behold, another new shocking twist, just write it down into that list of scandal and trist.
Falling out, the rift between the twain.
Calling out, but the echo's still the same.
Battlefield of mine, take them by storm. To the end of the line, like a woman badly scorned. Villain or the victim, evil or innocent. A one-way-road this system, collision imminent.
Verse 2:
Go now, though it seems like it's caving in. It was doing that before we were ten, twelve, eighteen or twenty seven. So go now, and walk this only ground. It'll be yet a while before we see what's in store.
It's all just a matter of time, and I know it feels like an uphill climb. And I know I can't be the only one that feels like there's more to this life of mine.
Track Name: Halo
Verse 1:
Halo, on your own, none deserving. None fit, all declaring it was always they who cast the first stone.
Halo, hell no. I'd rather burn that follow. Common sense is a coincidence, your arrogance rings hollow.
Verse 2:
Fading, dissipating. What will we do when you're dim, burnt out? Darkness then, moral compass bent, endless wondering to cast that next stone.
Fall down and face the sound that tolls only for you. Fade into the light of the sun.
Track Name: The Call
Verse 1:
Headlights pierce the dark, blinding me from all I see. Bite marks, so fresh and raw are the marks I bare when I hear that call.
Heya, and through it all I hear...
Verse 2:
Hold your own precious mind, in this world you've grown through times unkind. Call it fate or destiny but at this rate you're in a raging sea.
I hear the call, louder than all. Write it on the wall. I hear the call.
Track Name: Stockholm
Crawl inside of this space I hide in when I come undone, when I can't outrun. The world outside, it weighs on my mind, like a warning sign of a changing time.
Hey, the world is outside, waiting on you, calling out. Pain, I know it stings now, but grow and older you'll get over. Shame, the one we fear most of all when all is said and done. Come back to us now, you'll always have room on my shoulder.
You're never alone, you've always got somebody to lean upon who's got your back when it's against the wall, through the spring and the fall.
Track Name: May 2017
Verse 1:
Failing to see the clouds from the silver lining. Bright as can bee is the new day, and full speed is far to slow for me. I'll stop when the skies are gray.
Taking it day by day. There's nothing left to say. Accept that it will work out some way, if not in March or April, then May.
Verse 2:
Faster than sound, I can't make out what lies ahead now. Nowhere to be found what I've lost. And faster still, I'll find it if I will. I'll stop when I've had my fill.
No more resolutions to make. I'll do it all or nothing, else I'm fake. The miles aren't important, it's the ride. And what lies inside.
Track Name: Always There
Verse 1:
Inside of my soul there's a dream. One behind the fears and pain. It's calling my name out to me. Like a child who's lost in the rain.
PreChorus 1:
A raging sea inside of me, I've been put down, face to the ground I can't get out, I'm stuck with a mind that never sleeps, I can not breathe, it's always there, inside my head.
Verse 2:
And now the child is set free in that rain. He clears up the sky. I can see the light now beaming to my weary eye.
PreChorus 2:
A raging sea inside of me, I've been put down, face to the ground but I got out and now I've a mind that's strong and deep, one I can keep. It's always there inside my head.
And I can not wait to be myself again. To understand, to see all I've become. And we can not explain what will fade what will remain cause all that we are is fleeting just the same.